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  • Has a basement 'lab' of sorts meant for alchemy and various SCIENCE things
  • Surprisingly weather resistant, though the windows CAN be broken.

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I'll just get this out of the way: Twilight is a godmoder, a Mary Sue, a deus ex machina. With her "special talent" being magic itself, she can basically give herself powers as needed by the plot. Usually, that's tempered by her personality - she's too obsessive and panicky to properly focus many times, and there are quite a few times when she comes up with the ENTIRELY WRONG answer.

However, a slight list of things that have been shown in-canon that Twilight is capable of, for personal reference:

  • Telekinesis (Master level): Twi has a mastery of the simple unicorn telekinesis powers that other unicorns can only dream of. Going past simply being able to pick up and manipulate small objects, she is shown - on several occasions - picking up things many times larger than herself - even multiple objects, in one scenario. If she adapted this, she likely could make herself fly. She hasn't thought of that, however, and performing telekinesis at that grand of a scale is mentally - and magically - exhausting.
  • Teleportation/"blinking": While it's typically only used when she's panicking or otherwise stressed out, Twilight can rapidly teleport herself or others a short distance away, anywhere from five to ten feet at a time. It seems this only works on one pony-sized creature at a time, and while not exhausting, it does seem to be magically draining, as even with a few repetitions in a short time, she'll occasionally botch it up.
  • Sight-casting: Basically, if she reads a spell somewhere - be it in a book or on a scroll - she can cast it within a few minutes to an hour of studying it. Chances are, she can't create her own spells out of thin air that quickly, but she can certainly custom-tailor spells when she does this.
  • Elements of Harmony: If at any point the bearers of the Elements of Harmony (along with their respective magical baubles) are all united in goal, she works as a 'trigger' for their power. However, given the highly situational circumstances, this will not typically be an issue.
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Journal: [ profile] swordianmaster
Contact Info: Bahamut725 @ AIM
Other Characters: that psychotic genocidal pink thing

Name: Twilight Sparkle
From: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Appearance: She is not a vampire. She is a purple pony. BRUSH HER HAIR.
Age: Late teens, somewhere around human equivalent 16-18
Gender: Female

Personality: Twilight is the personification of the smart, nerdy kid in school. Even now that she's made friends with other ponies, her best friends will always be the knowledge she can find in books. As of such, it's only natural that she lives in a library. She's socially inept, totally unadapted to the strangeness that is other ponies even still, though she's learning slowly but surely.
Despite her reclusive nature, Twilight isn't an idle researcher; in fact, a lot of her interests fall more in line with someone who devotes their energy into trying to help others. When something goes wrong, the first questions coming from her are typically 'How did this happen' and 'what can I do to help'. Even still, she has learned that even she needs to unwind now and then, and won't be afraid to drop the serious facade to just party if such things are warranted. Another thing she doesn't mind dropping the seriousness for is snark - the filly has a sarcastic streak almost as wide as her intellectual streak. She thinks you're crazy, she thinks everypony else is crazy, and she won't be afraid to say it, even if she accepts you... or, heaven forbid, considers you a friend.
Speaking of friends, the past season has taught Twilight more than anything else just how important friendship is, and by this point friendship - and her friends - are things that she'll go to excruciating lengths to maintain. It's possible that she'd even be willing to die in order to save her friends, but those sort of things aren't discussed in childrens' television.

Backstory: Twilight's story is the story of the show, and to go in depth about the entire thing would require writing a small novel, or demanding that the mods just "watch the darn canon already". So instead, we'll give a quick recap of important bits:
  • As a young child, she witnessed Princess Celestia raising the sun at the Summer Sun festivals. The image was strong enough in her mind that not only did she start to idolize the princess, but she sought to learn magic in order to, one day, achieve similar feats.
    Her initial studies in magic were less than stellar, but on the day of her entrance exam for the Canterlot School for Gifted Unicorns, something miraculous happened and... well. The words 'magicgasm' have been joked at. It was then that Twilight's true talent - a talent for magic in all its forms - became clear to everyone; not just herself. The unusually-triggered display of power was enough that Twilight was taken in as Celestia's personal pupil, getting her lessons from the princess herself instead of normal unicorn teachers.
  • Years later, still a bookworm - and having all but shunned social interaction except with Princess Celestia, Twilight discovered the legends regarding the evil known as Nightmare Moon. Realizing that the prophesized date was nearly at hand, Twilight rushes to warn Celestia... only to get brushed off by the princess, who insists she head to Ponyville to check up on the town's preparations for that year's Summer Sun Festival, and for goodness sakes, make some friends.
    Despite Twilight's protests, it turns out that the fate of Equestria did hinge on her making friends, as the ponies she grew closest to turned out to be the other five unknowing bearers of the Elements of Harmony, magical macguffins that relied on the ponies' bond as friends to work. Nightmare Moon escapes from her moon prison, kidnaps Celestia, but the day is saved thanks to the powers of LOVE AND PEACE, and the evil powers are purged from Nightmare Moon, returning her into the form of Princess Luna, Celestia's sister.
  • Twilight chooses to remain in Ponyville to learn more about friendship and the ponies she's come to call friends. In true episodic cartoon format, WACKY HIJINX are had, and morals learned.
  • During the next season premiereA year later, a creature from Celestia's past by the name of Discord breaks free from his stone entombment. Celestia quickly calls the element-bearers to Canterlot to imprison him once more. Managing to split the ponies up, Discord almost manages to defeat Twilight, subverting her friends' personalities one by one, but Celestia sends back all the 'reports on friendship' that Twilight has sent her, rekindling her faith in her friends, allowing her to undo the damage he has wrought, and save the day. Sadly, it seems that the Elements of Harmony can't do more than imprison Discord further, so the potential of a recurring villain is possible.

Moral Standing: Lawful SnarkyGood, overall
Dreams: Ultimately, the biggest thing Twilight wants is acceptance. She's never quite 'fit in', and even when she was a lonely, studious bookworm in Canterlot, she strived for her mentor's acceptance and approval, idolizing her in a way few others did. Now that she's been tasked with, essentially, "going out and getting a life", she's focused almost singularly on making sure her new friends are happy with her.
Fears: SNAAAAAKES First and foremost, Twilight's biggest fear is letting down her mentor and mother figure, Princess Celestia. She shows concern regarding the Mare in the Moon story out of worry for Celestia and, by proxy, Equestria, but more than anything else she seeks the princess's approval, as stated above.
She also has a minor social anxiety; it could be said that she fears interacting with other ponies and has been learning to get past those fears, but that's up to speculation.

Extra: May or may not be another Pokemon.
...when I'm not busy losing my mind.
Writing Sample: Here.


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